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xenaland's Journal

Xena Land Community
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A Xena Land Community

Welcome to xenaland
What is xenaland?
Xenaland is an interactive community where people join teams and compete against one another in various forms of challenges. There are two teams: Greater Good and Blood Bath. Members of each team gather points, and at the end of the "battle" the team with the most points wins and then we start all over again! We are modeled after legendland.

How do I apply/join?
First of all, we recommend that all people wishing to apply have seen at least an episode or two of Xena. It is better if you've seen all six seasons, but not mandatory. Your journal must also be at least a month old and show signs of life (comments, entries, friends, etc). And all members are required to participate in at least one challenge fortnightly.

If you meet all those requirements, then head over to the APPLICATION POST, fill out the short application, and wait for a moderator to get back to you!

NOTE: All challenges run based on Sydney, Australia time. Here's a clock for your reference:
Communities You Need to Know
Communities that you need to know:
xenaland; the main community
xlgreatergood; Team Greater Good
xlbloodbath; Team Blood Bath
xlleaders; Team Leader Community
If you would like to affiliate with xenaland, please comment here.

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