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Xena Land Community
5th-May-2011 01:22 am
 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should I submit my entry to the challenge?

In a comment to the challenge post, unless otherwise stated in the rules.

2. What is a round of pimping?

This is when there is a Pimp!Task in which members receive points for promoting the community ("pimping")

3. What if I can't do a challenge?

Then you just don't do it. You are only required to do at least one challenge every two weeks, this is because we know you have lives! 

4. Can I submit something old I've made?

No, you cannot. Anything submitted must be made specifically for the challenge/task. The entry must be new and kept secret until the challenge results have been posted.

5. Can I share my entry with other people?

Yes, you can, but not until after the challenge/voting is over (unless otherwise stated in the instructions).

6. Can I submit other people's work?

No. Unless it is a collaborative challenge, or the instructions state otherwise.

7. Can I vote for my own entry?

No. If this were allowed, everyone would vote for themselves and no one would win.'

8. What is a sig? What are the regulations for Signature Banners?

Sig is short form for Signature Banner. Go here for more information.

9. I have a problem/question. What do I do?

Contact either one of your team leaders, or you may contact me (theonlyspl  )

More may be added if the need arises.
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