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1. No swearing. We want this to be a friendly environment for all members ;)
2. No bashing. Characters, actors, teams, members - do not bash any of them, please. You are entitled to your own opinions but harsh opinions must be kept out of our community.
3. You must participate in at least one challenge every two weeks. Inactive members will be cut. You will receive notices/warnings before you are cut, so if you have a really good reason for being inactive, let us know. If you've been cut and would like to rejoin, you will have to reapply.  Hiatus/breaks may be given if asked, but you must PM a mod if you need one.
4. No spam. We do not accept pimp posts for other comms, etc.
5. Read the challenge rules. In order to keep the community rules brief, we will have extra rules for each challenge.
6. In the "Anything Else" category of your application to join, please write one of your favourite couples from the Xena fandom. (ex. Xena/Ares or Xena/Gabrielle, etc.) Do not use the same as the person who applied before you or I will know you haven't read the rules!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ;)


1. Games: These can be anything from word finds to luck games. Game challenges are easy to participate in, so if you're pressed for time, join in on a game challenge ;)
2. Writings: Anything from drabbles to poems to long stories and everything in between.
3. Graphics: Icons, wallpapers, photomanipulations, etc. (You may need a program such as photoshop or gimp)
4. Magical: Special challenges including gift exchanges, discussions, group projects and more.


1)  Every challenge awards a set amount of points for participation, this will vary with different tasks/challenges and will be stated in the challenge post.
2) Winners will receive bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge/task
3) Points are awarded to you and combined with those of your team. If you do not state your team name when posting your response to a challenge, no points will be awarded.
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