Reapplication for Round 4

A few days ago I made a post asking whether you all would prefer to start a whole new round, and all who commented were in favor of a fresh start. So let's get Round 4 rolling, shall we?

You're all going to have to reapply, just so i know who's staying and on which team. Please copy the text from the box below, paste it in a comment and answer the questions.

Teams for this round will be xlgreatergood; & xlbloodbath;

Copy and paste the content of the text box below and answer all questions.  

Because you are all reapplying you will most likely get your team of choice ;)

You must reapply by July 30th. Anyone who does not reapply by this date will be cut from their team and will have to reapply here if they would like to rejoin.

A Question for All Members of Xenaland

As you may or may not know, I have taken over management of Xenaland...

Now, I'm not sure how many of you plan to stay members, so that's one thing I'd like to know.

As for the question I wanted to ask you, I've been approached by a member asking about a challenge that was previously held on here and that made me wonder about whether you would all prefer starting a whole new round of challenges (all teams starting at 0 points again) and having a fresh start, like I'd originally planned to do, or you'd prefer continuing from wherever it was you all left off.

Let me know which you prefer, as soon as possible. So that we may start some new challenges ;)

Thank you.

Apply For a Team


1. Please read all the rules before applying.
2. To qualify, your journal must be at least a month old and show signs of activity (posts, friends, comms, etc.) Since we are trying to fill out the teams, brand new LJ members will be permitted to join even if they have nothing in their journal
3. Please answer all questions.
4. If you don't have the time to participate at least once every two weeks, please don't apply
5. If your application is accepted, we will send you an invite, all you have to do is accept

Teams:ETA: I'm also currently looking for leaders for certain teams, if you are interested, please add that to your application and you will be considered ;) 

Example Application:

Name: Laura/SPL
Teams in order of preference: Greater Good, Blood Bath
Have you seen all the episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess? YES!
Anything Else? Xena/Ares...or as I like to call them, ARENA is love ♥
Referral: N/A [if someone has referred you, please put their username here]

Copy and paste the content of the text box below and answer all questions.  

*Note: in some cases, you may not get to be in your first team choice because we have to keep the number of members in each team equal but remember, team names are just that -names- all members of all teams can create works for any characters they desire, despite team names*


Life can get busy, we know. So if for any reason you find that you will not be able to participate for the required two weeks and need a hiatus, please comment here or PM a mod. If however, you need to leave permanently -- you will be missed -- you may also comment here or PM a moderator. Remember, you are always welcome to reapply at a later time if you so wish ;)

Comments will be screened.

Signature Banners

After you have been assigned a team, you are required to make your intro post and make yourself a signature banner! This post will explain signature banner rules.
  1. Your sig must have your username on it
  2. Your team name must be on it
  3. Must not be larger than 300x150 pixels
  4. If you cannot make your own sig, you may ask a mod or another member of your team, and if you are lucky, they will make you one. (if no one is willing, just contact theonlyspl )
  5. We often award bonus points to members who use their sig when posting their submission to a challenge
Collapse )



1. No swearing. We want this to be a friendly environment for all members ;)
2. No bashing. Characters, actors, teams, members - do not bash any of them, please. You are entitled to your own opinions but harsh opinions must be kept out of our community.
3. You must participate in at least one challenge every two weeks. Inactive members will be cut. You will receive notices/warnings before you are cut, so if you have a really good reason for being inactive, let us know. If you've been cut and would like to rejoin, you will have to reapply.  Hiatus/breaks may be given if asked, but you must PM a mod if you need one.
4. No spam. We do not accept pimp posts for other comms, etc.
5. Read the challenge rules. In order to keep the community rules brief, we will have extra rules for each challenge.
6. In the "Anything Else" category of your application to join, please write one of your favourite couples from the Xena fandom. (ex. Xena/Ares or Xena/Gabrielle, etc.) Do not use the same as the person who applied before you or I will know you haven't read the rules!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ;)


1. Games: These can be anything from word finds to luck games. Game challenges are easy to participate in, so if you're pressed for time, join in on a game challenge ;)
2. Writings: Anything from drabbles to poems to long stories and everything in between.
3. Graphics: Icons, wallpapers, photomanipulations, etc. (You may need a program such as photoshop or gimp)
4. Magical: Special challenges including gift exchanges, discussions, group projects and more.


1)  Every challenge awards a set amount of points for participation, this will vary with different tasks/challenges and will be stated in the challenge post.
2) Winners will receive bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge/task
3) Points are awarded to you and combined with those of your team. If you do not state your team name when posting your response to a challenge, no points will be awarded.
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Someone Call for a REVIVAL?

This little bird told me that Xenaland was put under indefinite hiatus, and since Xenaland is based off of the fantastic "Xena: Warrior Princess" I realized why that little bird had told me this. It's because -- just like in the show -- nothing is ever completely over ;) So, since the Warrior Princess herself seems a little busy , I thought I'd jump in and play "hero" for a change.

Okay, now, let's get to the main purpose of this post...

There seem to be quite a few of you watching this community, probably in hopes that it will be picked back up for another season battle. So here I am trying to make sure that happens, but a few things need to be modified/cleared up first. So, please answer the following questions in a comment to this post, thank you!

1. Would You Like To Participate in the Next Battle?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
2. Which TWO Teams Should be in the Next Battle?
  • New Team Names Please?

Furthermore I'd like to know what you all think! So if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you! As for Team Lea ders, If you were a leader in one of the previous battles and would like to keep your place, just leave me a comment so I know who you are ;) When I receive enough response to this post then I will make a new post, and if all goes well that new post will bring good news. And yes, you will have to reapply when Xenaland officially starts up again, just so I can keep things organized.

Tha nk you for your time, I hope you are as excited as I am about this, and that you do consider returning for another round of challenges.  Finally I'd like to thank absolutelybatty  for so graciously allowing me the chance to bring xenaland back to life <3
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